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    Published : 2016-01-13
    With the development of Internet technology, our daily life is becoming more and more closely related to the Internet. The Internet plus makes almost all industries linked to the Internet. Traditional home appliance manufacturers have gradually evolved into providers of smart home products and solutions; the IT industry has also begun to share the market cake of engineering companies; and the emergence of real-time bus and electronic bus stop makes us no longer feel restless ...
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    Published : 2012-09-12
    In the global digital monitoring forum in 2012 (hereinafter referred to as GDSF), HD is a monitoring technology that has been emphasized repeatedly. In addition to IP network cameras, a large number of discussions have been made on the application of HD HD products including HD-SDI matrix, digital HD camera, sdi-dvr Digital HD video recorder, SDI image server and SDI optical fiber transmission and conversion interface, so as to make the engineering companies have high IP netw...
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    Published : 2012-12-07
    With the rapid development of video monitoring technology, users can meet the needs and requirements of mobile monitoring in the security market, especially in government agencies, enterprises and institutions, as well as the special industry of long-term outdoor operation, the traditional cable monitoring has been unable to fully deal with outdoor emergencies and special events. Mobile video monitoring can obtain the information of emergency timely, comprehensively and accur...
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    Published : 2016-02-22
    Just after the Spring Festival, I learned that great changes will take place in China in 2016. So let's take a step up position~ 1、 It's impossible for house prices to rise, only to fall slowly High house prices not only depress China's manufacturing and cultural industries, but also make them ill. Relying on real estate makes local governments do nothing and live by selling land. Real estate is not sustainable, and the good days for developers are over. House prices c...
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    Published : 2014-08-01
    In 2014, China's new government's thinking on economic regulation and control became increasingly clear, and basically determined the overall strategy of "no stimulation, deleveraging, and promoting reform". First, there will be no large-scale economic stimulus plan; second, we will keep the economic operation within a reasonable range, and promote the deleveraging of the government and enterprises; third, we will comprehensively and firmly promote the reform of the economic ...
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    Published : 2014-06-19
    Tianshitong: "if we fight price war, I have the most advantage" Wen Xinfeng said frankly: "tianshitong has a lot of convergence in the market, because after all, it does not have the desire to make its own brand, not so snobbish, just do what it should do." In the 11 years since its establishment, tianshitong has not advertised in any media or held a new product launch conference in a big way. In wenxinfeng's view, this circle is not big, and the company is only doing busin...