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    Published : 2015-01-28
    Tianshitong has been going all the way for ten years. Of course, the most important thing is the trust and company of our customers and suppliers. We have always been grateful for this. Recently, tianshitong has won the "best strategic partner Award" of Guangzhou woshi. It is moved and more responsible. Tianshitong has always insisted on being the "security core technology supplier", escorting customers, taking the promotion of security innovation as its own responsibility, ...
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    Published : 2016-03-09
    Shenzhen, a young city, is a paradise of dreams, Under the prosperous appearance, the heart which contains vitality is jumping bravely. Although the young road will face restlessness and ridicule, But it is still alive and full of hope, still clinging to unlimited dreams; There are always many people who are hesitating in the face of uneasiness, But it's more about people who want to realize their dreams here, Even if temporarily lost, then what? ...
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    Published : 2019-01-27
    Tianshitong staff wish Tianfen a happy new year and the year of the pig! Wish you and your family good health in the New Year! Happy family! Business is booming! profits pouring in from all sides!
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    Published : 2016-01-14
    Recently, it was received from Shenzhen Municipal Commission of science and technology innovation, Shenzhen Municipal Commission of finance Jointly issued by the State Administration of Taxation of Shenzhen Municipality and the Local Taxation Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality Certificate of high tech enterprise
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    Published : 2016-01-13
    Some people say it's human nature to forget. When we come to this world by chance, we pay for everything When we didn't come and do it, we began to enjoy the material and spiritual one brought by our predecessors We have achieved great results. This is to remind each of us to have a grateful heart. Thank our parents for raising us; Thank our lovers, thank them for helping us find the best of ourselves; Thank you, my friend, for listening to our troubl...
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    Published : 2015-05-28
    Hi ~ it's the 10th anniversary of tianshitong. It's been a long way. It's been a lot of ups and downs. However, we've been holding on for ten years. Some of our partners have left, and new partners have been coming. Anyway, we're grateful. In this ten years, we're on our way again. We hope for the future, and we're always with you, Go ahead, me, you, US