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  • Nvr4.0 h.265 series 9-way network video recorder
  • Nvr4.0 h.265 series 9-way network video recorder

Nvr4.0 h.265 series 9-way network video recorder

Easy to use popular and commercial 9-way embedded h.265 NVR; specially designed for stores, small warehouses, small offices and families, it can access high-definition IP cameras, provide preview / video / playback and other functions; support mobile phone monitoring, support seetung cloud service, and realize app second continuous preview + remote video playback.

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1 panel 9-way h.265 + NVR

1 System structure

Embedded Linux design, pure hard decoding, watchdog, hard disk storage, HDMI HD display, IP network video access;

Main processor hi3536d;

2 Video input

High definition IPC access, supporting dual stream access of each IPC, supporting automatic search, automatic addition, automatic video recording, automatic preview and zero debugging;

Access bandwidth 64mbps;

3 Video output

One HDMI output, one VGA output, homologous with HDMI; resolution: 2560 × 1440 (HDMI), 1920 × 10801440 × 900,

Support seetung client preview; support app second consecutive preview;

Support multi screen segmentation; 1 / 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 9 screen real-time preview;


Video resolution

Support 720p / 960p / 1080p / 3MP / 4mp / 5MP;


Video decoding parameters

Support h.265 + / h.265/h.264 decoding;

NVR synchronous playback 2-way (5MP + 3MP) or 1-way 5MP; seetung client remote video playback supports at most 2-way;


audio frequency

Standard G.711 supports audio and video recording, HDMI audio output, seetung client audio and video preview and playback, and 3.5mm audio output interface;


Storage management

One SATA interface, each interface supports the hard disk with the maximum capacity of 8tb;

Support intelligent human shape video, intelligent face video, intelligent car shape video, intelligent license plate video, cross boundary video, regional intrusion video, timing video, mobile detection linkage video, alarm linkage video

Support the backup of external USB storage device (such as ordinary U disk and mobile hard disk);

8 user management

The maximum number of local users is 38;

9 network interface

One RJ45 Ethernet interface, supporting 10 / 100M adaptive; supporting TCP / IP, IPv4, DHCP, NTP, RTSP, onvif, P2P, SMTP, gb28181 and other network protocols;

10 Peripheral Interface

2 USB 2.0 interfaces (post); support mouse, USB upgrade, import and export;

11 indicator light

1 indicator light; status information of indicator light: 1. Green light is always on: network cable is normal, hard disk is normal 2. Green light flashes: network cable is abnormal, hard disk is normal 3. Red light is always on: network cable is normal, hard disk is abnormal 4. Red light flashes: network cable is abnormal, hard disk is abnormal

12 Business function

Support preview / video recording / forwarding / remote service, alarm linkage, remote monitoring software of seetung client, seetung cloud service;

13 working temperature


14 Working humidity


15 other

DC + 12V / 2A power input, power consumption ≤ 3W (excluding hard disk), size 190.5 × 190.5 × 46mm (w × D × h), weight about 379g;
Support wall hanging;

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